Saturday, June 21, 2008

Art Books, DVDs, VHS

We received a great deal of art books lately - criticism, history, artist's works - some of them quite old.

There are also a lot of recently acquired videos - popular movies, and National Geographic specials - on DVD and VHS.

With the warm weather we get a lot of new stuff and it disappears faster these days, too.

Being and Beacon - Paul

"Working" at Beacon Reads has been fun these past few months. I started in January of this year. I say "working" in quotes because all of us who work here are volunteers. We do this to help the Howland Public Library and the community of Beacon.

I've met a lot of people in the community since starting here. First, there is the Boss Lady (as she is affectionately known), Marcia. Marcia said I would meet a few characters working here and right she was. Beacon Reads has a few regulars, some of whom stop in with a story, others with a bag of books for us to sell. Others quietly peruse the shelves and leave. On occasion I have a lively conversation over a book someone is purchasing - any subject from belief in a deity to Danielle Steele's prolific career.

Not only do we get Beacon residents stopping in, but the weekenders and tourists stop in. They might be people with second homes somewhere in the area, or people who have come for the day to see Dia and walk around the town.

We appreciate all our customers and look forward to having more. Please tell a friend. We got a lot of good stuff at great prices, and a friendly staff to help.